Quirky French jewellery at Les Néréides

If you’re into kitsch, you can’t go to Central London without visiting Les Néréides in Covent Garden, the French jewellery-maker’s flagship UK store. The tiny boutique on Long Acre is packed full of its whimsical collections, which range from pretty-pretty pieces from the original Les Néréides brand, and quirkier ones from its lower-priced diffusion line, N2, which is inspired by circuses, ballerinas, fairy tales and mythical beasts.

Circus themed pieces from N2, featuring doves and unicyclists (!)
Circus-inspired pieces from N2, featuring doves and unicyclists (!)

Les Nereides N2 Woodland Jewellery


Kitsch earrings from N2
Kitsch earrings from N2

As you can see from the pictures, the prices are pretty eye-watering, especially considering that Les Néréides proudly markets itself as ‘designers of luxury costume jewellery’, so there are no real precious elements in the designs. What you’re really paying for is the uniqueness of the pieces – people will comment – and the drugs the designers are almost certainly on when they cook up some of their wackier designs.

I love how being French doesn't get in the way of a sense of humour.
I love how being French doesn’t get in the way of a sense of humour.

However, they do have an outlet within spitting distance of their Covent Garden store with reduced pieces from past collections, and a limited selection is also available on ASOS’s designer outlet.

Paris Mon Armour collection
Paris Mon Armour (Paris My Love) collection

They also have a couple of sample sales throughout the year in their basement. It’s always a bun fight, but if you’re not claustrophobic you can pick up some unusual pieces at Accessorize prices. You can sign up for updates on the Les Néréides website.

Spoils from today's sample sale, each £10 (!)
Spoils from today’s sample sale, each £10 (!)

You can find the flagship store at Covent Garden, 35 Long Acre, WC2E 9JT and its outlet, Les Nereides Market, up the road at 73-75 Monmouth St, WC2H 9DG.

Its full collection can be found online at www.lesnereides.com, but the US website is much better designed if you’re just browsing. 

Author: Emily Gibson

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