Movie magic with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Every year the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra holds their Film Gala at the Royal Albert Hall and plays an enraptured audience a few hours of the world’s most famous movie tunes. I’ve been meaning to go for a couple of years but the tickets sell like hot cakes – this year I actually managed to buy the very last three in the house, and that was two months in advance. So if it tickles your pickle, you’ll need to get in quick.

Royal Albert Hall Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Film Gala

The show is a mash-up of music from Hollywood blockbusters to indie classics, compèred by a helpful chap who comes on briefly to introduce the less well-known songs. The show opened – magnificently – with the Mission Impossible theme and went on to cover tunes from The Lord of the Rings, The Great Escape and, most memorably, Ghostbusters, where the wonderful Paul Bateman got so excited conducting he accidentally threw his baton at the the first cellist, who after freezing for a solid five seconds, gingerly picked it off the floor and offered it back up. Bateman barely even noticed.

They also played the other big ones: Rocky, Gladiator, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, but my favourites were Jurassic Park, in my opinion one of the most wonderful pieces of music to be put to the silver screen, and Harry Potter, which I’d never really realised was so, well, spellbinding until now.

Royal Albert Hall Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Film Gala

Tickets for 2015 have not yet gone on sale, but it’s worth signing up to the Royal Albert Hall’s mailing list in order to get first crack at them when they come available. If you can’t wait, there is a Tribute to John Williams concert in October, and there are still some tickets left! (John Williams composed the scores for E.T., Harry Potter, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List and shedloads more. I’ve got my mother a pair for her birthday. That is how highly I recommend it.)

Our stalls tickets cost £57.00 each plus £2.50 booking fee, but there are cheaper ones available from £19. I didn’t have any choice when I bought mine, but if you’re going for the music who gives a shit where you sit? More details and tickets can be found on the Royal Albert Hall website, and the Royal Albert Hall itself can be found at Kensington Gore, SW7 2AP. 

Author: Emily Gibson

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