Game of Thrones finds (temporary) new home in dome

Last week James 1 and I took the morning off work to visit HBO’s Game of Thrones exhibition at the O2, the globetrotting tour that’s become of a pilgrim site for rabid GoT fans. (Us included. The countdown to season 5 is on and we are ANGRY for it.) It’s just finishing up its London leg, and it’s a real shame it’s not around for a bit longer.

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

The exhibition features over 70 artefacts from the show, including dozens of costumes and the Mountain’s ENORMOUS sword. That’s the only thing that’s enormous though; the rest of the cast are depressingly little, small of stature and slight of shoulder. But then that’s TV for you, full of midgets.

(Ironically, the costume of Tyrion Lannister, the only actual dwarf, was bigger than I imagined.)

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

James 1, 6' 1", with the Mountain's sword. :|
James 1, 6′ 1″, with the Mountain’s sword. 😐

The costumes in the show all look very authentic, but you can’t really appreciate the workmanship and, well, real-ness of the clothes until they’re right in front of you. The fabrics are so rich and textured, and the details up close look like the clothes were designed to be not just worn for a few minutes in front of the camera, but worn. Properly.

Of course the bit we were really looking forward to was sitting on the Iron Throne, which was every bit as uncomfortable as you’d expect. It’s not actually made of iron, but the polycarbon texture is incredibly realistic. The only thing that gives it away is the temperature; it’s coldish, but nowhere near as chilly as it should be. Which comes as quite a relief; no matter how muchof a little wanker Goffrey was, nobody’s bum deserves that kind of treatment. No kid should have haemorrhoids at that age. (Although that would explain why he was so moody all the time…)

James 1 was more Nicholas Cage than Goffrey Baratheon, but menacing nonetheless...
James 1 was more Nicholas Cage than Goffrey Baratheon, but menacing nonetheless…

HBO have gone to quite a lot of effort to introduce interactive elements to the exhibition. The highlight is the virtual reality Wall experience, which uses Oculus Rift VR headsets to create a 90 second journey, enhanced with ‘4D’ cold and wind effects. We actually develop VR stuff at work so it’s always interesting to see other studios’ creations, and the team behind this one had got a really good ‘stomach-lurching’ sensation going on while Westeros adventurers rode the virtual lift to the top.

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

There were also some fun photo opportunities, including a virtual dragon flaming and White Walker ‘makeover’, which were silly but fun. Before you enter the exhibition you’re invited to pledge allegiance to your favourite house, and then you get a code that allows you to retrieve photos afterwards. (I chose the Lannisters. James 1 had already called dibs on the Targaryens, Stannis’ mob is boring as and I don’t really rate the Starks’ live expectancy. Besides, it’s always nice to be on the winning side.)

They also have a life-size White Walker, who is a pretty scary looking bloke:

Game of Thrones Exhibition exhibit London

James 1 clearly did not understand the brief.
James 1 clearly did not get that a White Walker was standing RIGHT BEHIND US. 

The Exhibition is leaving London soon, but if you’re in, er, Stockholm in a couple of weeks, make sure you check it out. Or keep an eye out for next time round. 🙂

Author: Emily Gibson

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