Schoolnight dining with STK’s lucky 777 menu

I bloody love it when fancy restaurants come out with cheapo menus that allow almost anyone to buy a small, delicious slice of luxury, even at the end of the month when we’re all – as my workmate Jay so aptly puts it – ‘right povvos’. Hawksmoor’s got its underground Spitalfields bar, for instance, and Hot Dinners has a wonderful list of top restaurants with bargainous lunch deals. The latest posh nosherie to get creative is STK, which has just introduced its 777 menu: seven cocktails and seven dishes for £7, from 5-7pm every weekday. Considering that the average barenaked steak from STK costs around £40 – that’s without sauces and sides – it’s a deal worth taking up.

STK London 777 menu

STK is one of these moodily lit restaurants that are perfect for dates with the carnivorous and tasteful (but not necessarily very good-looking) person in your life.

(Not that I’m saying my date wasn’t good-looking, obviously. But, you know. Pro tip.)

STK London 777 menu

It was already heaving at 6:30pm on a Wednesday, so we sat at the bar. The 777 menu is served exclusively in the lounge area rather than the main restaurant, which keeps it all nice and cas, but you’ll still need decent shoes.

To begin, I chose the refreshing and botanical Thyme and Blueberry Collins; Colgate the Paddington Bear, a tangy concoction made with – of course – orange marmalade.

STK London 777 menu

We also ordered the Crispy Squid, Salt Beef with Crispbread, Prawns Krispies (too intriguing not to try) and Lil’ BRGs (because Wagyu beef).

Predictably, the burgers were very good, thick and succulent, and also the best value with a regular price of £11 a portion. Insufferable types who like to photograph everything they eat (like me) will also enjoy just how Goddamn photogenic they are.

STK London 777 menu

The salt beef was good too, although for me probably the least special of the dishes we tried. But that’s probably because I’m a fiend for the sea and its various flavoursome fauna, and the prawns and squid were BOSS.

STK London 777 menu

On to the prawns then, which I was excited about because they came slathered in a shellfish bisque. Colgate is the least adventurous person in the world and had to be bullied into eating the seafood (not totally unreasonable; a month previously he’d wound up with a throat infection from a dodgy oyster I forced upon him, oops). But even he admitted it was damn tasty (although not as good as the beef dishes, apparently).

The prawns came in a not-very-sociable portion of three, served on a bed of rice puffs that snapped, crackled and popped once it got bisque’d.

STK London 777 menu

They are missing a trick by not offering that stuff as a standalone sauce. It’s like creamy molten prawn. I even used a few of the crispy squid to mop up the last of it, even though it didn’t really go. The squid were, incidentally, delicious. A bit on the soggy side, but really coconutty with a decent kick from the sweet chili caramel; a twist on the usual salt ‘n pepper take.

STK London 777 menu

The other dishes included Tuna Tartare, Beef Carpaccio and a Watermelon & Feta Salad (sorry Salad, you were just never going to make the cut amongst these bad boys). We were in the market for a light early evening meal so ordered four plates, but I’d recommend five or six dishes between two for something more substantial. It’d be a great pre-theatre dinner venue, or a cocktail date supplemented by nibbles.

If you can and the weather is fine, I’d really recommend a drink afterwards at the Radio Rooftop Bar at the top of the ME Hotel (STK is on the ground floor). It’s an absolute bitch to get into without committing to a hefty bar tab in advance, but if you dress up and go early you might be in with a chance. As you’d expect, drinks prices are sky-high, but the views are the best in London, IMO.

STK’s 777 menu is available 5-7pm Monday to Friday in the bar and lounge. It fills up fast, especially towards the end of the week, so try and get there early if you can. Alternatively, you can make a reservation online (via OpenTable for 1,000 bonus points) or by calling 020 7395 3450. 

STK,  336-337 Strand, WC2R 1HA

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