Evasion: get quick or spy trying

I’m always raving on to my mates about City Dash, the urban wide game that involves running around London solving clues and running away from guards. It’s the sort of silly fun that takes you back to the carefree days of childhood – you know, when you didn’t have a job and the biggest decision you had to make was what to spend your £1 World Book Day token on. The premise is simple: you and your team solve clues using a map and a dedicated browser-based app, and try not to get caught by the menaces in high-vis patrolling the perimeter. As the game progresses, more clues come available, and there are bonus points for the teams who solve them first.

My housemates and I have done it five or six times now, and for our next mission we’ve roped in a gaggle of pals to celebrate my birthday at the end of June. There will be 16 of us playing together and I am VERY excited about rubbing everyone else’s noses in it. We have a lot of hyper-competitive people in the group so I hope nobody gets injured. Two years ago someone came away from my birthday lunch with a broken arm, and that was only a picnic.

City Dash isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though. A few of my mates politely indicated that they’d rather spend their Saturday afternoon buried up to their neck in pig shit than be seen running in public. One has a hip injury which would make escaping the clutches of the baddies both impossible and painful. And some people just don’t like getting sweaty. (Fair enough, we’re going on 1st July so it’s going to be hot as balls. Or, you know, it could piss it down.)

However, there is a NEW game from Fire Hazard, which involves all the fun of City Dash but with a bit more stealth and a lot less running around like a tit. You still use a map and solve clues, but the guards are now roving secret agents who won’t come for you like the Terminator – you’re expected to sneak around them, instead – and there are special missions too, which involve actor encounters and other tasks. For instance, when we played in April, we received a phone call halfway round summoning us to HQ, where we had to defuse a real live fake bomb. Other missions, I’ve heard, involve taking on the role of the enemy agents and hunting down other teams, raiding hotel rooms and other badass behaviour. (In my head the hotel room mission involves lobbing a telly out of a window, but maybe not? WHO KNOWS, man, who knows.)

The new game – Evasion, it’s called – is only playing over the summer, and costs a bit more than regular City Dash because it’s a) longer and b) includes a live action element. Tickets are available for July and cost £35 a head, but if you gather some mates you can get a 10% discount with groups of 10+ with the code ‘GROUP’. Follow my lead and get the gang back to yours for a debrief, beers and a BBQ afterwards.

Photo credit: Fire Hazard Games. We were buzzing our tits off to get some complimentary preview passes to Evasion, but, as you can see, we go a lot on our own dime too.

Author: Emily Gibson

Emily is an urban adventurer, blogger and glutton foodie on an epic quest to uncover the best things to eat, drink and do in London. She lives in East London and loves ceviche, cycling and magic shows. Lifelong nemeses include beetroot, beards and wine served in tumblers.