Romeo + Juliet with a live choir @ Backyard Cinema

I went to an all-girls’ secondary school, and as a special treat during GCSE Shakespeare, Mrs Crafts let us watch Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. She cried. We cried. (Except I didn’t because Romeo is a bit too much of an old soppy-bollocks for me, and I’ve always been a bit more of a Much Ado girl.)

Regardless of how much crying my classmates and I did or did not do, it’s still a banging piece of cinema. One of the best ways to see it is not in a stuffy classroom at the top of the drama block being gassed by a noxious blend of thirty different varieties of Impulse body spray, but at the GORGEOUS Union Chapel in Islington, where indie cinema supremos Backyard Cinema have lined up a live choir to sing all the good bits.

The show’s been going now for four years and always sells out way in advance, which explains why the latest batch of tickets are on sale now three months ahead, but if you get your shit together you can snap some up with early bird pricing (£29.70 including booking fee, a £6 saving on the final release). Shows run from 24th-31st August, and tickets are available here.

Author: Emily Gibson

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